Neil vandenberg

As a graphic designer, illustrator, and creative team manager, I’m used to getting my hands dirty. I’m also used to seeing my artwork get completely trashed. Over the course of the year, my designs are pounded with mud and motor oil. But it doesn’t bother me a bit because each of the monster trucks I’ve designed bring smiles and cheers to thousands of fans at Monster Jam shows across the country and the world. 

If there’s one thing I love even more than to have my work torn up, it’s the messiness and fast pace of the creative process. The hours of brainstorming, conceptualizing and execution of ideas fuel me. I love the challenge of creating something brand new that connects with an audience and excites them. I love working through all the challenges that come up, the different directions that can occur, and all the new ideas that present themselves when taking a concept from sketch to completion.

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