I wrote and designed a live-action motorized stunt show utilizing Marvel characters and themes. Leading a small group of colleagues, we wrote the story and illustrated storyboards. I pitched the concept to the C-suite at Feld Entertainment, as well as Marvel, Marvel Studios, Disney and even the Spider-Man creator himself, Stan Lee. I wrote and illustrated content for social media updates and press releases. Below is a three page advertorial on the show that I wrote, designed and illustrated. The Marvel superhero artwork was provided by Marvel.

The below advertorial was the inside and back inside cover of a Captain America #1 comic book that was produced by Marvel and used as a promotional piece for ticket purchasers. Below on the right is the cover of the comic book that I illustrated. These comics were signed by Marvel Comics creator and legend Stan Lee.

Many popular Marvel hero and villain monster trucks were sketched and posted on social media sites to further promote the show.

The Marvel superheroes and villains were not only represented as monster trucks but as high flying, death defying motocross riders. Below is a team of riders inspired by the original X-Men superhero team.

One of the driving forces behind the show was to create the feeling that when you walked into the stadium you were entering into the Marvel Universe. Places and props from Marvel comics and movies transformed the stadium into a fully immersive Marvel Experience.

Below are videos of me pitching the Marvel Monstergeddon show to Marvel Comics creator and legend Stan Lee. 

During the 2012 San Diego Comic Con, Feld Entertainment rented warehouse space and we transformed it into a life-size preview of the Marvel Monstergeddon show, utilizing elaborate monster truck displays, massive banner decoration, photo ops, promotional videos and high-tech lighting, music and effects. I designed the content, the look and the layout of the warehouse.

Below are mock-up layouts I did to simulate the sequence of walking through the preview event. The artwork for the banners is a combination of original illustration and provided Marvel character images.

I oversaw the video department in creating promotional videos that played inside the preview event. Shown below is the introductory video that attendees saw when entering into the experience. 

The Captain America Monster Jam truck that I designed debuted during the Marvel Monstergeddon Preview event. Below is footage of the unveiling.

During the Marvel Monstergeddon Preview event I was the official spokesperson for the show conducting many live TV and radio interviews. Below are some photos of me being interviewed by local news channels.